Pax Verum Winter Igloo Experience

Each heated igloo can accommodate up to 6 people comfortably and features a dedicated
Bluetooth speaker (upon request), and cozy decor. Igloos are available in 2-hour time slots.

Thursday Rental: $45
Friday / Saturday evening rental: $60
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday & early afternoon rental: $30
Holiday rental: $60

Igloos come with table service, no drink minimums required. So sit back, relax and have your drinks delivered in style! (rental does not include drinks or food)

Things to know
➔ Igloos are 21 & up. No exceptions.
➔ 6 people maximum
➔ No outside beverages permitted.
➔ No dogs allowed.
➔ No smoking inside igloos.
➔ Dress appropriately. Igloos are heated but can still be cool at times with cold temps.
➔ Igloos are sanitized between guests so each group has a clean and safe experience.
➔ We understand things are unpredictable during the Covid-19 pandemic, if situations
arise in which illness occurs or you no longer feel comfortable honoring your reservation, we will issue a refund outside of 48 hours of an upcoming reservation. Inside of 48 hours, you will not receive a refund. However, you may contact us to change reservations.

For any additional questions or to cancel your reservation, please e-mail or call 765-393-9071.