Stray Thoughts

Stray Thoughts

New England IPA - 6.6% ABV Dive into the first volume of our Stray Thoughts New England IPA series, where harmony arises from the beautiful chaos.

Clouded Judgement

New England 8.2% ABV 40 IBU More Info ▸ A New England IPA packed with Citra and Sabro hops throughout the whirlpool and fermentation process. With tropical notes of coconut, peach rings and mango... leaving your judgement a little clouded.

Dark Matter

Stout - Milk 6.7% ABV 34 IBU Awaken your senses from a spellbinding conjuring of things that reach beyond. A stout conditioned on toasted coconut and sweetened with milk sugar.

Day Spa: Raspberry + Lemon

Hard Seltzer 4.9% ABV When life is moving a bit too fast... Take your time and enjoy a Day Spa. An artfully crafted hard seltzer conditioned on raspberry and lemon.

Day Spa: Pineapple + Lime

Hard Seltzer 4.9% ABV When life is moving a bit too fast... Take your time and enjoy a Day Spa. An artfully crafted hard seltzer conditioned on pineapple and lime..

Field Daze

Wheat Beer - Hefeweizen 5.4% ABV 14 IBU A German-Style Hefeweizen brewed with Spelt and Oat malt. The aroma that permeates from this beer presents a delicious bouquet of clove and banana making it a refreshing beer for the summer.

Indiana Pale Ale

Hoppy Pale Ale - American 6.4% ABV 37 IBU Forged from all Indiana grown malt and hops, this origin is a pure reflection of local farming and brewing in a synchronous parallel. We raise a glass to the great state of Indiana!

Karmic Wealth

Little Differences -Orange Dreamsicle

Little Differences - Milkshake IPA

Little Differences - Pina Colada

Lythronax 2

Märzen Hotel

Märzen 6.3% ABV 23 IBU Our German-style Märzen beer. This tastebud tantalizer will greet you with bready notes that rise from a deep amber color, rich and smooth maltiness layered mouthfeel that will truly welcome the Oktoberfest Season.


Blonde Ale 4.8% ABV 26 IBU A simple yet flavorful dive into the basics. Look beyond your horizon and begin your let-go. This flavorful yet approachable beer will be your transport to relaxation.

Nectar of the Gods

IPA - Imperial 8% ABV 95 IBU This awe inspiring garden of wonderment must have origins of a higher frequency. Take a journey into layers of complexity that tantalize the senses and invigorate your citrus and resinous hop desires with this double dry hopped double IPA.

Northern Soul

Psychadelic Paradigm

Pax True Pilsner

Pilsner - Other 5% ABV 24 IBU Brewed with all German Pilsen malt, a touch of Munich and Vienna malts; rounded out smooth with Tettnang and Perle hops.


IPA - New England 6.1% ABV 38 IBU Packed full of juiciness and so much Talus, Simcoe, and Ekuanot hops. This beer creates a wonderful harmony between dankness and juicy flavors.


West Coast IPA 6.7% ABV 75 IBU Like reptiles traversing the ancient journey, this West Coast Style IPA weaves through the world on fire, mastering the subtleties of evolution and the art of standing out.

Sun Stalker

Tidal Rift

Pilsner - Other 4.8% ABV 39 IBU This beer is a full force wave of light bodied and crisp flavor. With notes of gooseberry, white wine, and a bouquet of Nelson on the nose, it's packed full of hop character with none of the bitterness.

Velvety Kush

Velvety Kush

Ultra late editions of Eukanot, Amarillo & Mosaic hops create this super dank, silky-soft citrusy beer. Wee'd like to welcome you to a fruity fog of bewildered haze.


Sour - Fruited 4.2% ABV 4 IBU A delicious and refreshing tart ale fermented with blackberries andraspberries from the eden-like garden of temptations.